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Parents need to learn effective mentorship

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By R.Raheem Sherazi

“If one has made a mistake and fails to correct it… one has made a great mistake”—Plato.

Life is the feeling of all cherishable desires. We all commit mistakes, we all have big dreams and feel attracted to so many things. During our journey, we want to meet good people and to have a circle of friends. Some of us are passionate to travel and explore the world around some envision life with a beautiful partner and kids.

However, we also need to know that there’s always a flip side of the coin, which might present a hard and sorrowful life full of encountering cruelties and ignorance in addition to unexpected failures. When one is mentally prepared to face all these challenges with courage, then s/he can enjoy every single moment of life. It’s so because pain makes you realize that how important a healthy body is, the darkness compels you to wait for the sunrise and likewise, a hot sunny day makes you edgy for pleasant weather or spend some quality time with family at some resort.

When it becomes to children, we tend to appear more caring and protective. You want to see them successful and hence, to nurture them as a responsible member of the society. We often do this with evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of mentorship.

Parents are the first mentors of their children. This should not be seen as an authority to force the children to do everything according to their wishes. The role of parents is to introduce the children with best practices and let the interest of a child to help him/her to do in their own way. Interest and passion for something can be anyone’s personal choice and parents should be the best facilitators to nurture it.

Presenting expensive gifts, buying expensive branded cloth or toys and giving the children money doesn’t absolve parents from their duties. Keeping a healthy relationship with your kids, giving them the quality time of sharing stories, discussing their issues and understanding their needs, as well as empathizing and creating an easy atmosphere to become a good friend are the key roles to groom them in a better manner. They will never feel alone and will make progress easily when they will feel less restrained.

In today’s age where the quality of life matters but what actually quality needs to be ascertained. Parents could be the best mentors if they are trained to perform this role. Knowing, understanding, articulating and inculcating in an ethical way will be a useful tool to nurture the young generation. One of the alarming issues that often surfaces is a lake of communication which is an important part of mentorship while sharing ideas and in discussion with your child. This leads them to feel ignored by their parents and take thus, tend to take some extreme measures including inflicting damage upon themselves. We need to assure them that failing in an examination doesn’t matter much and encourage them to be successful in life despite this learning.

R.Raheem Sherazi is a development practitioner and columnist. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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