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Progressive forces urged to unite against capitalism, imperialism

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On the occasion of the International Day of Workers (May Day), the Awami Workers Party (AWP) has called on workers, peasants, students as well as left-progressive forces across Pakistan to come together to build a genuine, popular movement of working people to challenge class, state, imperialist and patriarchal power in all its forms.

AWP President Yusuf Masti Khan and General Secretary Bakhshal Thalho on behalf of the part’s federal leadership said that the heroic struggle of workers in the American city of Chicago in 1886 remains a benchmark for revolutionary politics, as well as a reminder that only a unified working-class movement can stand up to the structural and physical violence of capitalism.

“In the contemporary period, as ever-worsening crises of politics, economy, and identity grip Pakistan and the world, forces of the status quo are resorting more and more to hate-mongering and repression to sustain their relentless pursuit of profit and power,” they said in a statement. 

They reflected that in the absence of a unified leftist working-class movement,  ordinary working masses are being drawn into the orbit of retrogressive politics to devastating effect. 

The leaders pledged to continue their struggle, both against the hateful politics of the right, and to secure decent work, housing, health, education, ecological regeneration for this and future generations. 

They called on the masses to stand up and respond to the historic slogan of workers: “All workers and oppressed nations of the world, unite!”

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