Admission fees to be waived for Chitrali students

PESHAWAR: All public sector universities in the province have been asked to waive the admission fees of their students from Chitral.

This was stated in a handout issued on Thursday. According to the document, Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmed said those students who have faced substantial adversities due to flash floods in the region should be exempted from paying the admission fees for the current academic year.

“Mehtab also ordered administrations of the varsities to submit a compliance report,” read the statement. “The governor vowed to extend his support to those who have been affected by the flood and plans to take every possible step to rehabilitate them. Furthermore, a series of steps will be taken to restore infrastructure and rebuild homes that were damaged or destroyed in the floods.”

Heavy rain and flash floods in Chitral in July resulted in widespread damage to houses and infrastructure. A large number of residents have been rendered homeless.


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