Another feather on world’s youngest climber’s cap

Shehroze Kashif becomes youngest Pakistani to summit K2

High Asia Report

Gilgit: Shehroze Kashif became youngest Pakistani to summit K2 on Monday, media reports said.

Shehroze Kashif in his tent at Basecamp. File photo by his team

Two otger teams including four Hushe climbers also scaled the savage mountain on July 27.

According to social media reports, Kashif, reached on the top of the 8,611 meters (28251 feet) high mountain peak at 8:20am.

Sheroze Kashif had made history when he became the youngest mountaineer of the world to climb the world’s highest peak — Mount Everest on May 11 this year.

Kashif was the fifth Pakistani to summit the peak and had also won the title of the world’s youngest climber.

The 19 years old had also climbed Broad Peak, (8,051 metre), the world’s 12th highest mountain. 

At 8,849 metres, (29,032 feet) Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.

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