Azmat Nasir murder case: 3 months on Ghizer police fail to arrest killers

Azmat Nasir murder case

Azmat Nasir, 10, was stabbed to death by unknown assailants in June.

By Gul Nayab

Three months on the police have failed to trace the murderer(s) of a boy in Ghizer District’s Yasin Sub-division. Azmat Nasir, a 10-year-old boy, was found murdered by unknown assailants in the Siliharang valley of Yasin in June and dumped in a desolate area. The victim’s parents are losing hope to get justice as the killer(s) remain at large.

The police had claimed to have unravelled the mystery within a week of the incident saying they have collected information about the whereabouts of the killers.

The police questioned dozens of people in the area and collected shreds of evidence, a source in the police department told the High Asia Herald. Police have been making all-out efforts to bring this case to a logical conclusion. According to the source, a suspect had escaped the interrogation who is still at large.

Responding to a question, Yasin’s Assistant Commissioner (AC) Iqbal Jan said that the investigation was going on and the police were actively pursuing the case. He promised to ensure the immediate provision of justice to the victim’s family.

He urged the youth to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in bringing the case to its logical conclusion.

Last week the youth and civil society activists from Gilgit-Baltistan took to the microblogging and social networking engine twitter condemning the murder of Azmat and demanding provision of justice to the victim.

Hashtag #justice4Azmat was trending on social media networking sites. They also mentioned other femicide crimes that had been committed in the region in the recent past.

They slammed the district police for not being able to nab the culprits even after a lapse of three months and questioned their ability to deal with heinous crimes in a sparsely populated and peaceful area. The netizens were also concerned over the increasing crime rate in the region and asked the law enforcers to be vigilant and curb the crimes.

In June, Azmat was brutally stabbed to death near his home. His body was dumped under a rock and the logo ‘IYI’ used in the Turkish drama ‘Artugrul Ghazi’ was drawn near the rock.

Some people attributed the incident to the famous Turkish drama ‘Artugrul Ghazi’. According to sources in the police department, they found sketches of the drama’s characters in the crime scene and similar tools used to murder the victim.

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