Faysal Bank, Womenza join force to empower freelancers

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Karachi: In Pakistan, women have been steadily breaking barriers and entering the workforce. However, they are facing numerous challenges such as cultural norms and societal expectations which often discourage them from pursuing careers outside the home, limiting their access to education and resources.

Despite these challenges, Pakistani women are increasingly turning to freelancing as a means of economic empowerment. The rise of digital platforms and remote work has made freelancing more accessible to women, allowing them to work from homes and manage both work and family responsibilities.

Additionally, the global demand for skilled freelancers provides ample opportunities for Pakistani women to showcase their talents and earn a sustainable income.

Recognizing the importance of empowering women freelancers and promoting gender equality in the workforce, Faysal Bank has partnered with Womenza Pakistan to support and uplift women in the freelancing industry.

Faysal Bank, one of Pakistan’s leading Islamic banks, has demonstrated its commitment to women’s empowerment through various initiatives aimed at providing financial support and entrepreneurial resources to women entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The partnership between Faysal Bank (FBL) and Womenza represents a significant stride towards fostering economic independence and inclusivity, particularly among women freelancers in Pakistan.

This strategic collaboration underscores the shared commitment of both organizations to support and empower freelancers, a vital segment of Pakistan’s economy.

By collaborating with Womenza, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s economic empowerment and leadership, Faysal Bank aims to create a supportive ecosystem for women freelancers to thrive.

Through this collaboration, women freelancers can access a range of benefits and resources, including financial assistance, mentorship programmes, networking opportunities, and skill development workshops.

Aminur Rahman, Chief Digital Officer at Faysal Bank, expressed enthusiasm about strengthening the freelance sector in Pakistan. “We are delighted to join forces with Womenza Pakistan to empower women freelancers, a dynamic and growing segment of our economy,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, emphasizing that this partnership with Womenza Pakistan would provide freelancers with crucial support to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

As part of this commitment, Faysal Bank, known as the leading Islamic bank in Pakistan, offers the Burraq Freelancer Digital Account. This account facilitates seamless digital account opening, including a foreign currency digital account, along with various value-added services. This offering demonstrates FBL’s dedication to providing tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of freelancers.

The signing ceremony, attended by representatives from both organizations, showcased the collaborative spirit driving this initiative.

Aiman Sami, Co-Founder of Womenza Pakistan, highlighted their dedication to empowering female freelancers by equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in the digital economy. “Our partnership with Faysal Bank marks an important milestone in our journey to create a more inclusive and supportive ecosystem for freelancers, particularly women, by combining financial empowerment with skill development and mentorship, with the added bonus of Islamic finance.”

This partnership between Faysal Bank and Womenza Pakistan signifies a pivotal step towards creating a more empowered and resilient freelance community in Pakistan. By providing essential support, financial services, and skill development opportunities, this collaboration aims to drive positive change and contribute to economic growth across the country. It represents a promising example of how strategic partnerships can leverage resources and expertise to empower marginalized groups and foster inclusive economic development.


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