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ؓBook Launch: Hunza Matters

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The launching ceremony of the book: ‘Hunza Matters – Ordering and Bordering between old and new Silk Roads‘, authored by Professor Hermann Kreutzmann will be held at Chataq, Ganish, the oldest settlement of the former princely state on Thursday, July 8, 2021, at 5pm.

Dr Hermann Kreutzmann, an expert on High Asia will speak on his landmark book, which is an outcome of four decades’ research in the High Asia region.

The book deals with the history of Hunza that unmade old Hunza and made new Hunza.
Since the mid-19th Century, boundary-making in the Pamirian Crossroads had involved the redefining of contested spheres of influence between Great Britain and Russia. This ordering and bordering resulted in increasing exploration activities, followed by military missions.
Remote mountain microstates that had enjoyed a comparatively high degree of autonomy from their immediate neighbours – Badakhshan, Kashgaria and Kashmir – became centres of geopolitical attention, bones of contention, and testing grounds for bilateral loyalty.

In the Karakoram, incorporation of the Hunza Valley into the British-Kashmirian realm followed a successful military intervention, control measures, and a strategy aiming to establish an indirect rule. The colonial project has significantly affected living conditions in the Hunza Valley until today.


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