Novel ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky

World Classic

It is a novel that has sparked diverse reactions and critical assessments. The story revolves around the revolutionary factory workers and is set against a tumultuous period in Russian history. The novel is known for its portrayal of the struggle of the working class, particularly from the perspective of a mother. It is considered a prime example of Gorky’s commitment to social realism.

The novel has been praised and criticized for its portrayal of the revolutionary movement and the character development of “The Mother.” Some readers have lauded Gorky’s outstanding depiction of reality and the art of realism at its best, highlighting the awe-inspiring character development of the protagonist. The emotional depth and passion in the narrative have left a lasting impact on readers, with scenes of literary violence and passion that are sure to stick with the audience.

However, “Mother” has also faced criticism, with some readers finding the theme dated for contemporary times. The novel has been described as lacking in atmosphere, round characters, and literary value, with a focus on the social proposition of how the masses will attain power. Despite being considered the masterpiece of Gorky, Russia’s greatest living writer, the novel’s slow pacing has been a point of contention for some readers.

The novel’s historical and cultural relevance is undeniable, as it provides a profound insight into the Russian revolutionary movement and the bitterness of poverty and unemployment. “Mother” has been translated into many languages and has been adapted into films and plays, solidifying its impact on literature and the arts.

“Mother” by Maxim Gorky is a work that has evoked strong reactions and critical assessments. Its portrayal of the revolutionary movement and the struggles of the working class, as seen through the eyes of a mother, has left an indelible mark on literature. Despite differing opinions on its pacing and thematic relevance, the novel’s enduring significance and impact on social realism cannot be denied.–Courtesy: English Literature & Linguistics

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