One more person tests positive for Corona in Hunza

Six members of a family who travelled from Karachi to Hunza have been quarantined


Herald Report

Hunza: One more person has tested positive for coronavirus in Hunza District. So far two persons have been affected by the virus in the district.

A man belonging to Hini (Nasirabad) lower Hunza has tested positive for the virus, sources in the district administration told The High Asia Herald.

The affected man’s test report was released on Wednesday.

The man along with his six-member family had travelled from Karachi and arrived at Hunza four days ago.

They had been quarantined, the sources added.

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed two weeks back.

The young man from Altit Hunza district along with 15 members of his family had also arrived from Karachi in a Natco bus, a public transport service on 6th May.

Local activists had expressed their apprehensions a week ago about the spreading of the Coronavirus and lack of quarantine facilities as a large number of people were expected to arrive from Karachi.

The activists including Wajid, Rahim and Amin during a video press conference had asked the district administration and health officials to launch mass scale test of all suspects and family members who travelled with the coronavirus affected man.

They also demanded more quarantine centres for lower and upper Hunza to accommodate a large number of people who have arrived from Karachi.

They questioned the rationale of mere registration of people coming from other cities at Nasirabad bridge. Two teachers along with health workers register passengers entering the district from other areas. The process is a futile exercise and wastage of time if the passengers are not quarantined.

Rahim Khan and Wajidullah Baig have demanded the regional government and district administration to take the situation seriously and set up quarantine centres in lower and upper Hunza, ensure the provision of nutritious food there and increase the number of tests and expedite the release of the results within 48 hours.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, the total affected persons’ number crossed 550, with three deaths including Dr Usma Riaz and technician Malik Ashdar.

In Pakistan, the number of coronavirus positives cases crossed 47,000 with 1009 deaths.

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