Politics of the Kyrgyz mining sector

The mining sector of the Kyrgyz Republic has been attracting a lot of diverse investments even despite frequent conflicts and violence. Investors are advised to consider volatile politics when entering the market.

But for communities living in the mining areas, these investments are “life-changing, if not life-destroying”, says researcher Beril Ocaklı, published on the Voices on Central Asia.org online magazine.

Beril Ocaklı is a researcher at the Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys) and Geography Department of the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, Germany.

In an interview with Nazik Imanbekova, who is an analyst, Master of Arts in Policy Economics, Williams College, Ms Ocakli believes that mining conflicts in Kyrgyzstan are driven by profound structural factors that are rooted in weak governance, lack of institutional trust, and limited cooperation across national actor groups.

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