Power woes of students in Upper Chitral

Students of Upper Power woes of students in Upper Chitral

by Noman Shahzail

In today’s world, one can not imagine a life without electricity. All civic and business activities come to a halt when there is a power outage or breakdown. In remote areas, electricity is even more crucial, as it can have a significant impact on people’s life. It is essential for providing light in hospitals round-the-clock, schools, businesses, and communication.

Electricity is undoubtedly a basic need of life not only for citizens but also crucial for students in many ways. It can provide light for students to study. They can power electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and phones, which are essential for modern-day education. These devices allow students to access information, conduct research, and complete assignments. Electricity can power modems and routers, providing internet access to students. This is particularly important for students of remote areas and peripheries engaged in distance learning as it allows students to attend online classes, communicate with their teachers and classmates, and access online educational resources.

Upper Chitral is a remote mountainous district of KP lacking basic necessities of life including electricity. Students are affected the most as their hard routine of rural life does not allow them to study in the daytime. Students are considered future leaders. If they are compelled to study in dark without electricity how would they be able to compete in their student life and achieve their goals?

This sorry state of affairs could force people to come to the road to hold a peaceful protest against the failure of the district and provincial authorities in ensuring the supply of electricity to the people.

It is hoped that the KPK government and the district administration will pay attention to this problem and take concrete steps to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the residents of Upper Chitral.

Noman Ali Shahzail hails from Meragram Upper Chitral. He has recently done his HSSC (Inter) from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Parwak. He is affiliated with Booni Environmental Academy as a mentor.

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