Progressive student bodies launch pro-Palestine campaign

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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Islamabad, May 6: The Progressive Students Federation (PrSF) has launched a ‘Palestinian Solidarity Movement’, inspired by similar movements in Europe and America.

They organized a protest rally and press conference at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad on Monday, demanding immediate ceasefire and expulsion of ambassadors of the US, Germany and France for supporting Israel’s policies and occupation of Gaza.

They endorsed the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign, and advocated for closer alliances with anti-imperialist countries and opposed diplomatic relations with Israel.

The week-long mobilization drive will bring together students from many campuses in multiple cities in days to come, the statement read.

PSC activities

Meanwhile the Progressive Students’ Collective (PSC) in Karachi organized a study circle focusing on the Palestinian issue, linking it to the broader struggle of oppressed nations and critiquing the unipolar world order and its imperialist characteristics.

They also participated in a meeting under the hashtag #KarachiWithPalestine, alongside various organizations, activists, educators, artists, and lawyers.

Jaswant Singh, an activist with PSC Karachi, informed the meeting about their stance on the German ambassador’s remarks, particularly highlighting them as undiplomatic.

He stressed the importance of student unity in addressing this issue, calling for collaboration among progressive student organizations.

In Lahore, activists from the Progressive Students Collective (PSC) questioned the German ambassador’s statements during the Asma Jahangir Conference, pointing out what they saw as hypocrisy in Germany’s stance on human rights while supporting Israel and suppressing pro-Palestinian voices.

Ali Abdullah of PSC challenged the ambassador, highlighting the contradiction between Germany’s rhetoric and actions regarding the ongoing situation in Palestine.

This movement reflects the global outcry for Palestinian freedom, with recent student encampments in Western universities supporting Israel sparking similar actions in Pakistan.

In recent months, there has been a global surge of protests demanding an immediate ceasefire and advocating for the freedom of Palestine.

One significant development in this movement has been the establishment of student encampments in major universities across Western countries that have historically supported Israel.

Universities like Columbia, UCLA, NYU, and others have seen students organizing and participating in these encampments to show solidarity with Palestine and protest Israeli policies.

This grassroots movement within academic institutions reflects a growing awareness and activism surrounding the Palestinian cause on a global scale.

Student bodies in Pakistan also need to support and play a part in this regard.

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