Climate change: Sadequain Foundation launches drive through mural paintings

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A US-based art organisation has announced to launch climate change awareness campaign across the metropolitan city of Karachi, said a statement.

The drive under the stewardship of artist Tariq Khan and his team will paint murals across Karachi depicting the melting glaciers, vanishing trees, and the calamities brought about by the mismanagement of water resources.  

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the survival of the human race on planet earth. It is a combined responsibility of the human race to play its role in reducing the impending calamity.

“First we have to acknowledge the facts about climate change. For instance rising temperatures have resulted in extreme weather and disasters. Chunks of ice in the Arctic have broken apart and floated away raising the water levels. Wildfire seasons are more often and last longer. Coral reefs have lost their colours, said Dr Salman Ahmad, founding chairperson of the San Diego-based Sadequain Foundation.

As the second step, we have to take necessary actions to avoid it. It is not inevitable. It’s not too late to slow the pace of climate change as long as we act today, he added.

Sadequain Foundation will cooperate with the civic authorities to counter environmental pollution that causes climate change endangering the existence of our planet, said Dr Salman Ahmed. 

He urged the citizens and environmentalists to contact Sadequain Foundation and artist Tariq Khan for any support for this cause.

Founded by Dr Salman Ahmad, an electrical engineer by profession in in 2007, the not-for-profit organization is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and promoting Sadequain’s art globally. He has authored and published 24 books on Sadequain’s life and work and curated more than 80 seminars and exhibitions around the globe. 

Dr Ahmad has catalogued Sadequain’s work and introduced it to the world.

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