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Coronavirus. Illustration by Andrzej Krauze The Guardian

The social solidarity across the globe is the main measure to stop the episode of COVID-19

By Zahra Arshad

Before the emergence of the pandemic as a global challenge, an unknown sickness was first recognized in Wuhan, China in December 2019.  It was called a Chinese novel virus. Across the globe, it was considered that this virus is a confined territory virus. People started to spread the rumours and misinformation across the globe and the so-called Chinese virus took the deadliest form. The virus hit the Chinese nation and thus led to massive causalities, emotional breakdown, pain, and suffering which halted their economic activities.

To respond to the challenge, China placed curfew to implement the process of social distancing. Globally, such steps are regarded as a violation of human rights. But Chinese did what was important for the betterment of their society and preferred social welfare over other objectives. Such steps weakened the strength of the economy with respect to the balance of payment, retail sales, industrial output, and investment. The extreme outburst of deadly virus pneumonia curtailed the economy of China and limited their health care essential equipment’s to fight with the virus.

As quoted in Bloomberg News while interviewing a chief economist, “COVID-19 made the economy stop, from factories to spending. As the coronavirus spread to almost everywhere, global demand and global supply chains will take a hit and will feedback to China’s manufacturers and exporters in March and April.”

With the passage of time, the onset and dispersion of deadly virus went to peak across the globe. Different nations played their role to cease international flights and played a key role in prolonging the supply of exports and imports of China to avoid damage to their firms and economy. Neither the developed nor the underdeveloped countries took serious notice of enhancing the productivity of essential equipment’s used in down trending the virus. This resulted in overwhelming of health care system, followed by the exemplary process of social distancing. COVID-19 coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in the month of March.

This virus affected almost every country in the world. It shattered the economy of Iran, Europe, Asia, the United States of America and Italy. Some of the countries, especially Italy, Iran and Spain, despite their call-out efforts, seemed lacking the capacity to deal with the challenge. Their social behaviour and slow testing capacity worsened the situation, and provided an open area for the spread of the virus, which resulted in the massive ratio of deaths.

The worldwide execution of the restrictions on specific nations and the imposition of curfew as done by China was now termed as ”lockdown” which gave the lesson of international solidarity and unity of various religions under the common umbrella – COVID-19.

As reported by an Italian doctor, “Our Intensive care units are overflowing because patients with flu, flu-like symptoms, lung infection, and pneumonia all are being instantly labelled with contagious coronavirus.”

The deadly virus not only shattered the global economies but also resulted in the loss of human capital. Globally, different sectors including industries, factories, transport, tourism, and trade are badly influenced by COVID-19. Theories related to conspiracy, rumours and misinformation has played a crucial role in getting the situation adverse. A bogus talk has circled all through the nation that drinking liquor can fix and forestall the coronavirus. It led to death of numerous individuals in some countries of the world. Most of the suspects of coronavirus are fighting with depression and trauma. Social media-based deception has overly impacted the individualistic worldly view. It indoctrinates frenzy thoughts, uneasiness in behaviour, and with an outburst of a trauma.

To address the social misfortunes because of the flare-up of COVID-19, quick short-and long haul estimates need to be taken to upgrade the inclusion of social assurance and general wellbeing. Specialists, medical attendants, sweepers, police division, armed force, cleaners and government specialists have undertaken a fundamental job in controlling and actualizing the essential strides in various nations.  Health workers and professionals with the help of sanitizing have taken the responsibility of fighting against this deadliest infection. A huge number of the military authorities, health worker professionals and police likewise have also been found affected with this deadly virus.

In such unfavourable conditions the social solidarity across the globe was the main measure to stop the episode of COVID-19. The genuine offender of the present situation will be a person who is a carrier of this infection and still doesn’t isolate himself. However, we must appreciate all the public and general officials all over the globe for playing (have had played) a job of survivor, life guardian angel and a warrior. Kudos to all those individualistic efforts who played a pivotal role all over the globe in breaking the infectious chain of this lethal virus.

Zahra Arshad is doing Mphil from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics and teaching as a lecturer in different academies. Her areas of interest are fiscal policy management.

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