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Wajahat’s debut video song launch today

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Farman Ali


Wajahat’s video song ‘Aamad’ launching today. Credit: FACE

The High Asia Herald and Baam-e-Dunya media group is proud to announce the launching of two songs of Wajahat Shah Aalmi, a young multitalented songwriter, composer and singer from Yasin valley of Ghizer district in Gilgit-Baltistan.


Wajahat’s much-awaited debut video song ‘Aamad’ (Arrival in Persian) will be launched on Saturday, April 27, at the office of FACE – Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education — Najam Market F-8/4. Shot in Ghizer District’s picturesque Gahkuch Valley, the video is based on the mystic poetry of Peer Shams and the life story of a shepherd who welcomes his beloved on her arrival after a long wait. It also depicts the arrival of spring.

“‘Aamad’ metaphorically symbolizes hope, love and happiness,” says Wajahat in an exclusive interview to The High Asia Herald and Baam-e-Dunya. The detailed interview will appear on this page later.

Wajahat graduated from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, in 2018. He did his bachelor’s in Musicology and started composing songs in Burushaski, and Urdu. He performed in Nascafe Basement Season 5, a Pakistani music television series which features live studio-recorded music performances by underground artists.

‘Kishware Bom-e-Jahon’

‘Kishware Bom-e-Jahon’ is a mashup of a famous Pomiri folk song ‘Sar Koh-e-Baland’ and ‘Kishware Bom-e-Jahon’ composed and sung by Wajahat Shah Aalmi, in Tajiki, Wakhi, Burushaski and Khuwar languages.
The song is a tribute to Pomir, known as ‘Bom-e-Jahon’ (Roof of the World or High Asia). The backing vocal is of Nissu Lutfishov, a young emerging singer from Badakshan, Tajikistan.
Its music has been composed by two famous Tajik composers — Khushbakht Niyozov and Nekrooz.
Cameraman Maqsood Aziz Gayasov has shot the video at Khorog, capital of Badakhshan autonomous region of Tajikistan, Gojal, and Yasin. Faheem Gul has edited the song.

The artist has given exclusive right of the songs to High Asia Herald/Baam-e-Dunya Media.

See also video: https://youtu.be/2NEH_oLIX7M

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