Who is ICC World Cup presenter (Insider) Elma Smit?

Besides Ms Elma, Pakistan’s Zainab Abbas and India’s Ridhima Pathak have also been inducted into ICC panel of Insiders for the World Cup 2019.

Elma Smit posing with Ridhima Pathak (centre) and Zainab Abbas.

Pakistan’s Zainab Abbas and India’s Ridhima Pathak are other two shinning ladies from the biggest cricket event on planet earth who have been inducted into ICC panel of Insiders.

While Zainab Abbas and Ridhima Pathak are well-known sports journalists in Pakistan and India respectively, cricket fans know little about Elma Smit.

She is a South Asian sports journalist with ruby being her main professional focus with a very wide range of interests.

“I talk for a living. As a TV presenter. Some of the time,” she introduces herself on her website where she talks in detail about her career.

Elima Smit has worked a news reader, a radio DJ, a music compiler, a breakfast TV show anchor, a music TV show presenter, a features writer for a newspaper and a stylist. I have learned an immense amount from each of these roles and I still have loads of passion for most of these fields.

“I have made TV (as both producer and presenter) for both traditional live broadcast, as well as the crazy, exciting new age of on-demand web broadcasting at the Afrikaans news platform Netwerk24,” she wrote.

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