‘Women empowerment key to building resilient communities’

By Our correspondent

Speaker of an event organised in connection with International Women’s Day highlighted the role of women in building strong communities and creating a better future for all.

The event titled “Empowering Women, Empowering Communities” was jointly held by the Women Rights Movement GB and Ciqam – Green Solutions Pvt Ltd to celebrate the strength, resilience, and contribution of women in shaping a better future for all.

The participants said the theme of the event reflected the importance of women in building strong and sustainable communities.

The attendees were welcomed by the organizers, who spoke about the significance of International Women’s Day and the importance of women’s empowerment.

The event featured a lineup of speakers who spoke on various topics related to women’s rights and empowerment. Speakers deliberated on the rights and responsibilities of women, highlighting the importance of women’s rights and how women can exercise them responsibly.

The speaker also discussed the role of women in building strong communities and creating a better future for all.

They also talked about awareness of the issue of harassment and discussed the various types of harassment that women face in their daily lives. The participants stressed the importance of creating a safe and conducsive environment for women, where they can speak out against harassment and seek justice.

Throughout the session, the speakers focused on the constructive use of social media platforms and how women can use these platforms to promote their ideas, thoughts, and businesses.

The moot also discussed the challenges and risks associated with social media use and how women can mitigate these risks.

They further discussed ways to address issues such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and lack of representation in decision-making processes.

One of the participants addressed mental well-being and responsible parenting, highlighting the importance of mental health and how women can take care of their mental well-being. The speaker also discussed the role of parents in creating a supportive and nurturing environment for children, which can help them grow into responsible and compassionate adults.

The event concluded with a closing ceremony, which included a pledge by the attendees to work towards women’s empowerment and to create a more inclusive and equal society.


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