Faysal Bank posts strong financial results for Q1

Faysal Bank profit after tax doubled to Rs6.5 billion as compared to the corresponding period in 2023. Earnings per share increased from Rs2.12 to Rs4.29.

The total assets reached a new high of Rs1.5 trillion, with deposits increasing to Rs1.050 trillion and loan book exceeded Rs603 billion. Advance-to-Deposit Ratio (ADR) was at a healthy 55%, while its Capital Adequacy Ratio stood at 18.57%, well above the regulatory requirement.
The sound financial performance and the strong balance-sheet footing is reflective of the bank’s solid business fundamentals coupled with prudent risk management practices. 

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Collaborative growth: business leaders converge on capital

The 7th edition of the Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit (LIIBS), set to take place on April 23 and 24 at a local hotel, promises to be a significant event on Pakistan’s corporate calendar. The two-day event will serve as a convergence point for over 15 global experts and more than 1000 delegates representing diverse industries from both the public and private sectors. With such a diverse gathering, the primary focus will be on fostering dialogue and exploring avenues for potential partnerships at various levels

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