Land struggles

Pakistan, where land developers of all stripes are facilitated by all mainstream political parties and the judiciary. Where sitting provincial and federal governments go to great lengths to point out how this rampant conversion of people’s livelihoods and shelter for profits of the few is a central plank of their development strategy. Where the laundered proceeds of real estate development are given safe passage and an ‘agreeable adjustment’, and where those resisting this injustice like activists of the Awami Workers Party, the Sindhi rights movements, and the farmers’ movements in Lahore and Sheikhupura, are subjected to repression, imprisonment, and coercion.

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Political parties, lawyers support PFUJ long march

Political parties and lawyers have expressed their resolve to fight for the freedom of the press, expression guaranteed in the Constitution. They called for an end to muffling of the freedom of media and expression, repressive censorship, press advice, retrenchments of journalists and media workers, payment of salaries, the abolition of the unjust and discriminatory advertisement policy of the federal government and implementation of the 8th Wage Board Award.

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